Saturday, March 12, 2011

My teen is freaking out over ACT/SAT!

The #1 complaint we hear about college admissions tests is that parents & teens are freaking out!$#$#*&() It wasn't long ago for me, so I can more than relate. Looking back...I was totally freaking out because I was afraid I wouldn't do very well...ironically...because I was freaking out about not doing well on the test...I actually didn't do very well on the tests. Just before I took the SAT test again, I got some great advice from my Dad, who is a teacher. Dad told me that he and mom weren't worried about how I would do on the test, and if I didn't like my score..they would pay to re-take the test. He told me they had every confidence in my abilities. He smiled and said.."No pressure from what's the real problem?" Then he asked me, why I was so freaked out? I told him, that I was nervous going into the test in the first place, and then when I hear the tester tell us we have "55 minutes to complete this section," I freak out more. Dad taught me what to do...and I did it...and it worked...and it will work for you. Find out more about these tips & strategies at our website: Testing! :)