Saturday, March 12, 2011

My teen is freaking out over ACT/SAT!

The #1 complaint we hear about college admissions tests is that parents & teens are freaking out!$#$#*&() It wasn't long ago for me, so I can more than relate. Looking back...I was totally freaking out because I was afraid I wouldn't do very well...ironically...because I was freaking out about not doing well on the test...I actually didn't do very well on the tests. Just before I took the SAT test again, I got some great advice from my Dad, who is a teacher. Dad told me that he and mom weren't worried about how I would do on the test, and if I didn't like my score..they would pay to re-take the test. He told me they had every confidence in my abilities. He smiled and said.."No pressure from what's the real problem?" Then he asked me, why I was so freaked out? I told him, that I was nervous going into the test in the first place, and then when I hear the tester tell us we have "55 minutes to complete this section," I freak out more. Dad taught me what to do...and I did it...and it worked...and it will work for you. Find out more about these tips & strategies at our website: Testing! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is Your Child Ready for ACT/SAT?

Excited to report that My Test Tips will be making presentations for Nashville area parents at Martin Luther King Magnet School on Feb. 8th; St. Cecilia's High School on Feb 9th; Hume Fogg Magnet School Feb. 22nd; and Nashville Public Library Green Hills Branch March 3rd & March 26th. More info coming! Hope to see you there. Emmy

Friday, January 14, 2011

What Kind of ACT Practice Book Should I Buy?

This is a follow-up to our last post. Following that post, we received emails asking us to explain further. We are happy to help answer this question. We were frequently asked by parents, "what test prep book can you recommnend?" My Test Tips recommends McGraw-Hill's 10 Practice Tests for ACT, 3rd Edition. This book contains simulated tests and explanations for the correct answers. You can check out the mostly positive reviews for the book on Amazon. We recommend the book because it contains multiple practice tests rather than lengthy explanations about concepts and practice drills. We designed our My Test Tips tutorial prep system to eliminate valuable time having to read about strategies and concept practice drills. We save students time by modeling test taking tips and strategies for you, and showing you how to get right to the practice tests. Our free down-loadable review practice sheets are designed to help you focus on the problems and concepts you missed and need to correct. No test book is going to give you the actual test questions you will be asked. In our opinion, McGraw-Hill's 10 Practice Tests for ACT, 3rd Edition comes close. It gives you multiple practice tests instead of just one set of subject practice tests. Using the book with My Test Tips System increases your chances to improve your test scores. Emmy. visit us @

Sunday, January 2, 2011

ACT Test Practice Book

How To Practice With A Practice Book for ACT/SAT Tests is the name of our new video tutorial. Our goal was to focus on what we feel My Test Tips is all about. Students need test tips and strategies, but they also need to learn how to use those tips & strategies with a practice book. We are often asked what kind of test prep book should be purchased? We recommend buying McGraw-Hills 10 Practice Tests Book. You don't need the CD ROM versions. You won't be tested with a CD ROM on line test, so why practice taking a test that way? You are going to use a pencil, not a computer. We like this particular book because it is a close replica of what your actual tests will look like, and they explain the answers in a section after each test. Using our test taking strategies and practice sheets to monitor your progress, will improve your chances to improve your scores. Hope this helps! Emmy.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone continued success & blessings for the coming year. We are so excited about our new webpages, our FB Fan page, & our latest video tutorial. We plan on connecting with more parent, youth, & church groups this year about My Test Tips. Happy New Year! Emmy

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Test Tips update

Hi! Emmy here....I am SOOOO excited to share that our website has had a recent make over :) My Test Tips has grown over the past year thanks to your support & endorsement of our products. We listened to your comments & suggestions on how we can improve our website & products. Some suggestions were that we create a video that can show students step by step lessons on how to practice with a practice book. I am happy to report that we loved that idea and have spent the last few months creating & producing a new video webstream that will do just what you asked for. We are in the final editing stages and hope to be able to offer it shortly, for an affordable price.

My Test Tips is also exploring how to make our products available as an APP.

Lastly, please visit our Facebook page, and leave a comment. Happy thoughts & happy testing!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Latest News

We are currently producing new free Video Blog advice sessions for visitors to our site. To continue spreading the word about My Test Tips, we recently created a My Test Tip's FB page, and have also been connecting with various organizations and websites across the country. We have been talking with some really nice people and have appreciated their feedback and their help in getting the word out about our site. Check back with us soon and we hope to have added the Free Advice Video blogs on our main website page. Bye Bye...Emmy