Sunday, January 2, 2011

ACT Test Practice Book

How To Practice With A Practice Book for ACT/SAT Tests is the name of our new video tutorial. Our goal was to focus on what we feel My Test Tips is all about. Students need test tips and strategies, but they also need to learn how to use those tips & strategies with a practice book. We are often asked what kind of test prep book should be purchased? We recommend buying McGraw-Hills 10 Practice Tests Book. You don't need the CD ROM versions. You won't be tested with a CD ROM on line test, so why practice taking a test that way? You are going to use a pencil, not a computer. We like this particular book because it is a close replica of what your actual tests will look like, and they explain the answers in a section after each test. Using our test taking strategies and practice sheets to monitor your progress, will improve your chances to improve your scores. Hope this helps! Emmy.

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